Wuhan University of Technology

Mechanical Engineering


Entry Requirements

Applicants should be healthy and well-behaved, and have a foreign citizenship and an educational background equivalent to that of the Chinese high school diploma.

Applicants should have good academic records and provide the following documents(including but not limited to):

High school transcript(original and notarized copy in English or Chinese).

Transcripts of National/Regional official high school graduation examination

Results of Internatinal standardlized tests

Applicants who have studies in China should provide the Discipline Record from previous school or university.

Applicants should be 18 or above by Sep.1st of the enrollment year. For the applicants under 18, please submit a Guardian Statement.

Foreign non-native English speakers who apply for English-taught programs, they should provide a score report of English Proficienct test(TOEFL 80+/ IELTS 6.0+/TOEFL My Best/TOEFL iBT Home Edition/TOEFL Essentials, and etc.). For applicants who can not offer the above-mentioned standardized English test results, they will be required to participate in an additional oral or written English test organized by Wuhan University of Technology.

Applicants who have foreign nationality at birth but both or one of their parents are Chinese citizens who settles in a foreign country, as well as residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who have obtained foreign nationality after immigrating should hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years(inclusive), and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years within the most recent 4 years(by April 30 of the enrollment year).


Your Chance to Get Admitted

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 5 , 2024
·Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language : English
Application Deadline: Jun 30 , 2024
Tuition : RMB 24,000 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 103 ( (Check Policy)
Service Fee: USD 54 (Check Policy)
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